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Berrimah Estate
Berrimah Estate
Berrimah Estate
Berrimah Estate

We place our clients in a range of affordable housing rental properties around Darwin and Palmerston.


Yilli Housing manages Berrimah Estate, the only affordable housing estate in Darwin. Berrimah Estate consists of a range of dwellings including houses, caravan sites, single men’s accommodation and hostels for men.

Yilli Housing also has some affordable housing in various suburbs around Darwin and Palmerston.

The aim of Yilli Housing is to provide accommodation with affordable rental prices, allowing people to save for a deposit for a home or to enter the mainstream property market. It also provides an avenue for people who are disadvantaged in the mainstream rental market to gain a tenancy.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for affordable housing, the primary housing applicant must:

  • not currently own a property

  • be 18 years or over

  • be a Northern Territory resident

  • have never been evicted from Yilli Housing



You are required to fill out the Application Form plus 100 points of identification to be included with your application before it can be processed. Photo identification and current income statement is required in all applications.

Waiting List

Due to the high demand for affordable housing and limited housing stock, we have a long waiting list for people who applied for affordable housing. Only applicants who have completed the application form and the 100 points of ID will be put on the waiting list. It is important to keep your contact number updated, so that we can contact you when a house becomes available.  Our waiting list is different from the list that the Territory housing has. 

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